EAN: 6974041424399
Effective Mosquito Control: powerful 4000-volt grids make insects zapping easier and more efficient, such as mosquitoes, fruit flies, and midges.
2 in 1 Fly Zapper: can be used as a standard electric mosquito swatter (manual mode) or bug zapper by attracting the mosquito with light to zap it automatically (auto mode).
Easy to Use: working and battery indicator to know the working status and battery level anytime, lightweight and with a non-slip handle, easy to hold in hand.
Safe Design: double layer protective nets avoid safety problems from casual touch; chemical free, doing no harm to people
1500mAh battery capacity: rechargeable via a Type-C cable, so as to save buying new batteries and cope with outdoors



Why shall you choose YISSVIC Electric Fly Swatters?

  • SET YOUR HANDS FREE>>>use YISSVIC bug zapper racket as a standalone fly zapper, you don’t even need to swing it at flies or press the zap triger. Turn mosquito swatter on and sit it on the base. The fly zapper racket will attract and kill the pests.
  • FASTEST & CLEANEST WAYS TO KILL BUGS>>> powerful 4000V fly swatter racket explodes them to pieces. No more smashed bug guts! Electric fly zapper racket is safe and reliable built with metal mesh separated from the positive and negative electrodes.
  • 1500mAh LONG LASTING AND FAST CHARGING BATTERY >>> plug into any USB charger to charge this 1500mah rechargeable electric fly zapper. No need to replace the battery and budget-saving. Also its battery indicator shows the charge status and what level it is, so you can easily know if it’s time to charge it.
  • LONGER 59″ POWER CORD>>> The expanded charging cable of YISSVIC fly killer indoor no longer limits its using space.Rechargeable battery cuts your budget.
  • REALLY STRESS RELIEVING>>> YISSVIC electric fly swatter racket is light weight and easy to use. Hearing the gnats frying satisfies you. You got your revenge with mosquito swatter racket on hand.

multifunctional fly zapper and mosquito swatter

power voltage works more efficiently

longer cable length for more using space

larger battery capacity lasts longer


know battery capacity in one glance

light weight for carry out